Hi Everyone ~

All of our snowmobile trails have been listed as good to very good for a long time now, since there really hasn’t been much in the way of changes.  But now our groomers are reporting all our trails in our system as EXCELLENT!  One of our groomers told me that he wishes he had time to ride the trails rather than grooming, since they’re in such great shape.  That says a lot!  We have also been asking many of our guests about their thoughts on the trails, and everyone has been very happy with their sledding here.  There’s about 23″ of snow on the ground out there.  Temperatures have been really cold (down to -25 and -32 degrees in our area the other night).  We have a couple more nights of extreme cold and then temps will moderate some.  We received about 6″ of snow last week and a few inches in the past couple of days.  Added to the snow was much blowing and drifting which packed everything down really well and added to the upgrade of the trail system.  Our groomers are grooming daily or nightly.

Starting right now, we have openings each week or weekend through the rest of the season.  We are offering rates that you can’t pass up and have four great homes for your enjoyment.  Give us a call at 906-358-4390 or my cell, 715-360-6650, and I’ll be happy to give you a quote for an upcoming visit.  We have super snow and super homes at rates you can’t resist!  :o)

Our cross-country ski trails are also in super shape.  We recently had people that came to snowshoe.  They thought it was great and also great exercise!  Our area waterfalls are fantastically beautiful right now, too.   There’s so much to see and do here.  We hope you’ll come up soon.

Fishing has been fun, too, with some nice catches of bluegills and crappies this past week.  With the temperatures warming some, it will be a fun time to get out there to do some great ice fishing.

Island View and Blackhawk Point are open this weekend yet, so give us a call if you’re looking for a nice place to stay.  We want to help!  We hope to see you soon…

Carole and Denver

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