The fantastic snow that we get here is coming a little later than normal this year, but rest assured once it starts snowing, our trails will be groomed and in tip-top shape for your winter get away.  Our trails officially open on December 1, and our U. P. Thunder Riders will be out there grooming as soon as the DNR gives them permission to get on a roll.  We have award-winning trails here, and the club has painstakingly been working on preparing the trails already for this winter.  We are just waiting for Mother Nature to “bring it on!”.

We still have plenty of openings and rates are at discount rates for the best parts of the winter.  It’s a super time to get a group together and make your reservations now for your vacation times.  The planning is a fun part of the getaway!  It’s not too early to make plans now!  We can be competitive with hotel rates if you have enough people in your group.  We hope that once you try one of our beautiful homes that you’ll want to come back over and over again.  We also have regular and super premium gas available here for your convenience.

Temperatures are dropping here and we’ll work on getting that snow and ice growing here very soon.  It’s in the forecast, and we can’t wait!!!  See you soon…

Denver and Carole


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