Hi Everyone ~

We have had a huge change in weather here in the past couple of days.  Last week brought us -10 to -30 degree nights.  Yesterday we had 57.2 degrees!  Our guests had “awesome” sledding in the morning.  By the late afternoon, trails and driveways, etc. had really fallen apart.  Reports were that Trail 2 west (except around the viaduct area) and Trail 8 were still in great shape yesterday afternoon, but with the continuing warm (48.4 here at 12:25) and the sunny skies, trails should be pretty much taking a hit right now.  The U. P. Thunder Riders decided to cease grooming for the season at the monthly meeting last night.  This is WAY TOO EARLY for our season to be over, but we can’t fight Mother Nature.

Cross-country ski trails may last a little longer, but they will have a hard time surviving this next week, too.  Day temps are mainly 44 to 58 in predictions while nighttime temps will only be around freezing now.

Denver went out panfishing yesterday and the day before and had all kinds of action and success.  But pictures that showed a beautiful show covered lake earlier in the day turned into a water-covered lake over a large part of it.  Our snowmobilers said their machines were bogging down in the snow coming across the lake yesterday afternoon, too.  The game fish season is over March 15, but we expect the panfishing will continue to be good.

We know the winter isn’t anywhere near over yet here, but the warm temps are putting crimps on it!  Just give us a call at 906-358-4390 (cell or text 715-360-6650) or email me at for any updates on winter conditions.

It’s a great time to start planning those other getaways as well.  Just give us a call if you’re thinking about heading to the northwoods.  We would love to help with your upcoming vacation in any season.  Thanks so much.

We also want to thank all of you that chose The Arrows for their winter vacation here.  Since the snows were mainly in our area of the country this year, it brought many people that had never considered our area before.  It was wonderful to hear all the positive comments about the snowmobiling, skiing, and our homes this year.  We know there are always many, many choices in planning a vacation, and we are so happy that you chose our accommodations and area for your winter trip.  We look forward to seeing you again next year.  The sledding and ski season will begin again December 1.  It will be here before we know it!  We hope to see you then.  Thanks again for everything.  Happy St. Patrick’s Day and Happy Spring!

Carole and Denver

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