Watersmeet Michigan Snowmobile Trail Report for February 27, 2019


This is the only word I have for the snow that we have received this week!  We have a foot and a half plus, and maybe another 3″ since last night!  The snow on our deck is up to the railing.  It’s been one big snow on top of another, and we have had about 4 1/2′ or more of snow in the past three weeks!  It is Wednesday and there are still people in our neighborhood that have been snowed in since Saturday.  Today should be the day that at least everyone snowed in gets out!  This is just crazy!  On top of the snow after snow after snow, the high winds really packed the snow in.  Some drifts we’ve heard about so far were as high as 8′ in some driveways!  

Before this new snow, trails were awesome.  Our snowmobilers were reporting the best yet.  Although the U. P. Thunder Riders Snowmobile Club hasn’t updated their snowmobile trail reports here since February 21st, we are hearing that the trails are excellent!  I sure can’t imagine that they can be anything but fantastic!!!  We recommend staying on the trails!  The snow is deep, deep, deep when you get off the trail! 

We just got a cancellation for this weekend and now have both Deerpath and Coyote Cove.  They are both really nice homes with lots of room and amenities that will make your stay a super one!  Give us a call if you are looking for a place this weekend or any time.

Thanks so much for visiting our website.  We hope we can help with your upcoming visit.  You won’t believe how great the snow is!  Come on up!



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