We have gotten such great news this afternoon!  We have been receiving snow right along but in smaller amounts.  But the snows and the really cold weather of the past couple of days has made it possible for the U. P. Thunder Riders to get out there grooming our trail system. The groomers who have groomed both north-south and east-west trails for the past two days are now reporting all of our trail system to be in GOOD or better shape!  I can’t spread the word in enough places!

This has been the most unusual start to a winter that broke records that were over 130 years!  May it never happen again!!!  We are not used to having Thousand Island Lake freeze up at the end of December nor are we used to having so little snow for such a long time!  But now we are beating out El Nino and returning to the norm!  Our groomers assure us they will be grooming daily or nightly now.  We have a great base that’s about 10″ and solid.

We no longer have to discourage people from coming!  Now we can invite you to come up and enjoy and explore the beautiful U. P.!  We knew we were close, but this is music to our ears!  We now have trails that you will enjoy!  We have great homes to base out of whether you have two people or fifteen or more with lots of amenities that will enhance your sledding get away!

We have plenty of openings due to this strange start to the winter.  Call now to 906-358-4390 or text or call my cell at 715-360-6650 to see what is open during your particular vacation times.  We’ll be happy to help in any way!  Thanks so much…we hope you’ll plan to stay where you play and will choose The Arrows for your vacation.

I’ll keep you updated as conditions change.  Welcome back or call any time.  Thanks so much for visiting our website.  Happy 2016 and Happy Sledding!


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