We’re happy to say that we have already had about a foot of snow with the last snowfall being about 6-8″.  Lakes are freezing up.  Some of the smaller lakes have frozen over in the past week.  Thousand Island Lake is building ice along some of the shores, and Cisco Lake froze over today, November 14, 2018.  

I’ll keep you updated as things change.  Polish up your sleds…it won’t be long now!!!  Our deer season ends on November 30, and our snowmobile trails can open December 1.  We sure are hoping that this is another one of those years that our groomers will have enough snow to get out grooming right at the beginning again.  Think snow!  

Call us at 906-358-4390 or cell/text 715-360-6650 for information on our home rentals or if you have any questions.  Thanks much and Happy Thanksgiving to all.


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