Denver has been ice fishing the past couple of days, and we had guests in that fished a long weekend, too.  Denver has been catching some nice bluegills…nothing huge but a couple of great meals will be had by the Yakels soon!  He said that his Vexilar didn’t show as many fish as usual, but he had no problem catching a couple of meals.

Our guests fished a few different lakes.  They caught some nice bluegills on one lake, some smaller ones on another lake, and some nice-sized perch on another.  We’ve also heard of some nice crappie fishing later in the day or evening if you’re really adventurous!  They’re planning on returning to try their hand at one more ice fishing trip yet this year.  The temperatures have been cooperating here, and the really raw days appear to be gone.  Right now, we advise using cleats on your boots out there on any lake.  The thaw from the previous week turned the lakes into ice rinks.  We want you to be safe out there!   We’re supposed to get 2 to 4″ of snow between tonight and tomorrow, so that will help to take the slippery off the lakes!

Come on up and enjoy some ice fishing while you still can!  Just give us a call at 906-358-4390 if we can help.  Thanks much.

Happy Easter and Happy Spring to all!

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