Hi Everyone ~

We’ve had some really cold weather and some snow to keep our snowmobile trails in good to excellent condition.  Trail 2 east is good to excellent.  Trail 2 west is good to excellent.  Trail 13 south is good to excellent.  Trail 3 north is in excellent condition.  Trail 3 south has been getting lots of traffic and is in good condition.

That’s the great news, so it’s a super time to come up right now.  However, starting tomorrow daytime temps are going to start warming up.  Tomorrow may get to 32 with snow showers and temps for the coming week or so after will have highs in the low 30s to low to mid 40s.  Night time temps will be cold enough for the groomers to still be able to groom nightly if all goes as predicted.  We all know that the weather in the U. P. can change on a dime, so we sure are hoping that colder temps prevail longer than expected.  This week brought us many nights of very way-below-zero nights, so that surely helped our 23″ base.  I’ll keep you posted as I hear more reports from the groomers and the sledders.  It’s WAY too early for this to be the end of snowmobiling here!!!

Cross-country ski trails are also in great shape.  It’s a super time to get on the trails!

We haven’t had any word on game fishing, but the panfishermen are doing well with their catches of bluegills and crappies.  Warmer temps are surely going to be welcome to those out there trying to stay warm while out there on the lakes fishing.  It doesn’t get much better!

We have openings immediately for the rest of the winter now.  Plus tomorrow starts our SUPER DISCOUNT RATES!  Great snow…Great homes…Great rates…Great fun!!!  Give us a call at 906-358-4390 or cell 715-360-6650 (or text that number), and we’ll be happy to help.  Thanks so much for visiting our website and report.  We hope to see you soon.          Carole and Denver


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